PRINCIPAL: Dr. Vinay Ranganathan- BE, MS, MPhil, PhD

Gold medalist from the University of Cambridge, UK in association with MIT, USA. Over 10 years experience in teaching Nanotechnology with expertise in Particle Physics and Nanomaterials. Worked as the Head of Marketing and Business Development in a Nanotechnology firm in the UK grossing over 1 billion $ in revenue. Passionate about teaching, mentoring and helping every student to follow their passion and achieve their dreams.


1. Asst Prof Satish – MSc (Physics)

2. Asst Prof Rakesh- MSc (Chemistry)

3. Asst Prof Swathi-  MSc (Mathematics)

4. Prof Dr Deepa MSc, MPhil, PhD (Biology)

5. Asst Prof Princy- MCA (Computer Science)

6. Asst Prof Preema-MCA (Computer Science)

7. Asst Prof Ashwin- ME(Electronics)

1. Asst Prof Deepa- MCom (Economics)

2.Asst Prof Priyanka- MCom(Accountancy)

3. Asst Prof Shalini- MCom(Accountancy & Economics)

4. Asst Prof Karthik- MCom (Accountancy & Statistics)

5. Asst Prof Vinaya- MCom(Accountancy)

6. Asst Prof Ashwini-MCom(Accountancy)

1. Prof Ms Lizy- MA, B.Ed  Kannada

2. Asst Prof Manjula- MA(Kannada)

3. Asst Prof Sarita- MA(Hindi)

4. Asst Prof Pravin- MA(History)

5. Asst Prof Madonna- MA(English)

6. Asst Prof Andrea- BA B.Ed (English)