Meet the Academic Head

Dear Parents, Students and Well Wishers

We at Charans believe that both our teachers and staff need to be on the forefront of teaching methodologies not only adopting them, but also adapting to them. As the Academic Head, it is my responsibilty to ensure that weekly meetings are held with teachers where the portions that need to be completed that week are brainstormed, the teaching methodology adopted for that particular chapter is discussed and a follow up on the previous week is done by examining the weekly test results of the students.

My role also lies in going to all the classrooms and personally discussing with every student on their progress level, grasping ability and weekly test marks. This in turn brings the children very close to me and they share both their academic and personal problems automatically. Here at Charans, we belive that technology should be used extensively in education. Our students present every topic as a power-point presentation turn-wise and this enriches their knowledge as they bring videos and resources from outside the textbook. Regular quiz is conducted after every lesson is complete thus enabling a spirit of competitiveness in them and to instill the character of being able to work in a team.

I can assure you that your child is in the most capable hands of all our staff members and every Charanite will blossom into a confident, succesful individual.

Best Wishes


Academic Head