1. Clean and spacious classrooms with limited students (30-40) in every class to ensure that every student gets individual attention
  2. Smart Classrooms: An 80 inch Touchscreen Smart Board is installed in every class to encourage interactive learning of concepts. Numerous research conducted has shown that visual learning helps improve cognitive power of students
  3. State-of-the-art Science and Computer Science Laboratories that has brand new computers and lab equipment to facilitate excellent performance in practical examinations
  4. Encourage and promote the passion for Sports (Football, Cricket, Basketball, Throwball. Athletics, etc.) Our students regularly participate in inter college fests and sports tournaments conducted at the State level.
  5. Talent is nurtured through a range of Extracurricular activities such as dance (classical/ freestyle/salsa), music, drama, photography, movie making, debate and art (rangoli/mehendi/cookery)
  6. Innovative methods of teaching concepts including presentations, role plays, group discussions and brain storming debate sessions help our students stay ahead in today’s competitive world.