Being a Charanite

Our Standard 5 students describe the essential qualities of being a Charanite in their own words as

  • A Charanite is always neat and clean (We never throw wrappers of chips or chocolates in the class- We throw it in the dustbin and respect our ayahs like our mother)
  • A Charanite always folds his hands in front of teachers and never sits in front of our Principal Sir till he asks us to do so.
  • A Charanite enjoys the freedom to express his opinions and thoughts in school (Sir always asks us if we are understanding all the lessons and encourages us to express our thoughts without any fear)
  • A Charanite always speaks in English in the school campus (Sir has told us that having a good command over English is absolutely essential in today’s modern society)
  • A Charanite takes discipline very seriously (We ensure that we never come late to school and force our parents to start their vehicles quickly and drop us to school)
  • A Charanite respects their teachers (We wish our teachers with lot of love and affection every period and always submit the homework on time)
  • A Charanite loves to take part in all extra-curricular activites (Every Saturday we have dance, drama, debates or quiz and we pester our Principal Sir to be with us for that all the time to show our talents)
  • A Charanite is always enthusiastic to write daily tests in class (Our Vinay Sir makes us play lot of cricket matches if we score well in these weekly tests)