Targets are set internally for each class whereby the children aim to reach particular goals before they move on to either the next class or their future schools. Children will develop ‘at their own pace’ and each child’s development is closely monitored and the curriculum is applied accordingly.

Mathematical,Verbal and Written Ability

We take utmost care to ensure that the child understands the relationship between the spoken number,the symbol and the quantity. The child learns about shapes, sequencing and sorting through a combination of practical individual and group activities.Using the phonic method, sounds are gradually blended to form three (and more) letter words.
Once a child is comfortable with ‘sounding out’ words, we progress to reading and writing.Our teachers take great care to ensure that letters and numbers are correctly formed. We encourage a firm pencil grip, creating smooth outlines and good clear shapes. Parents are always welcome to see their child’s work books and the equipment they are learning to use.

Singing and Nursery Rhymes

The children participate in a group singing and rhyme session every morning. They learn fun songs as well as traditional nursery rhymes but the underlying purpose of these sessions is to teach the children about working as a group, taking turns and listening to and following through instructions. During these lessons the children dance in their bare feet and learn about rhythm, posture, co-ordination and musical interpretation.

Art and Craft

There is a daily art/creative work session when the children have the chance to discover a wide range of creative activities. An art and craft exhibition for parents is arranged every year for the parents to come and visit the school. You will be invited to view a display of your child’s work and discuss his or her progress.

Records and reports

Detailed records for each child are kept at Happy Hours, and parents will receive a progress report at the end of every term.

The next step…

Children are automatically transitioned to their next school from Std 1 at Charan’s Public School in Cambridge Layout. Once your child is admitted in nursery, you can be rest assured till college that we will show utmost care and affection towards your child till he or she grows into a responsible member of the society.